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About us

Z. Volochovic private company is succesfully expanding it‘s business already for 8 years since 2001..


If you need a machine – don‘t make any decisions without consulting us.


Company is specialising with activities related to different kinds of machinery (film blowing, bag making, packaging machinery:

Sale of different machines, service, support and renewal, and personel training;

Company is unique for it‘s activity related to search of serial and for custom made machinery according Client wanted technical parameters, supply and support, and even minor in financial aspect projects which are not so attractive to other suppliers. All this is supported by accumulated knowledge and experience, information and broad business relations in this field (reaching such countries like China and Taiwan), which gives us competetive advantage because of the crucial cost reduction, caused by all those important issues. It enables company to carry out minor piece jobs with competetive and affordable price.

Mentioned experience, business relations and qualification of personel enables company to provide high quality service, related to main company activities:

Consulting clients regarding chosen machinery and it‘s correspondance to their needs, and giving alternative sollutions if needed;

Consulting clients regarding questions of machinery market and it‘s changes, can recommend clients activity partners from our wide contacts, or make a research for such partners and projects.


Contact us if you have any questions related to plastic products manufacturing activities – just to consult, or to make us an offer regarding supply (machinery, post productional waste and etc.) or other nature cooperation offer.


We are hoping, to take part in your company‘s progress with our work.

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